Telematics & Fleet Monitoring

Technology to take you anywhere

Our team of qualified representatives—the West Side Watchdogs—makes use of a range of information technologies to monitor and support equipment. With telematics that are transmitted directly from the fleet and an in-house alert triage system that lets us know immediately when there’s a concern, our reps are in a position to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to the health of your machines.

Remote diagnostics, an online tool used by our product support teams, allows codes to be pulled directly from a machine before anyone travels to the site. Technicians can often diagnose problems and grab parts even before leaving the dealership, reducing downtime and cost.

Telematics & Fleet Monitoring

JDLink machine monitoring services

JDLink, John Deere's state-of-the-art telematics solution, gives you remote access to fleet location, utilization, diagnostic data, and reporting capabilities. With new machine purchases, West Side's fleet monitoring service is included for the duration of the original five-year JDLink subscription.
Advantages of JDLink:

With West Side's Fleet Monitoring service, our technology specialists utilize a triage portal to analyze diagnostic trouble codes on our customers’ equipment. If an alert comes in that is actionable, it is routed to the local service manager, who then calls the customer.

Remote diagnostics

We help you reduce downtime with our remote diagnostic capabilities.

With an active JDLink subscription, West Side can record performance readings, access and reset diagnostic trouble codes, and update software without a trip to the job site.

If your machine is experiencing intermittent issues, our technicians can make a remote diagnostic connection to record parameters at a specified point. Readings are taken while you still have full functionality of your machine, which means you don’t have to be watching and a technician doesn’t have to be visiting. If it’s determined that fixes are required, our goal is to send out the right parts the first time or make wireless software updates remotely, rather than traveling to the site with a laptop in hand.

Looking for a mixed fleet telematics location? We can provide hardware and mixed fleet portals, as well as JDLink API support.

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