New Equipment | 85G



Empowered with the same no-compromise load-sensing open-center hydraulic system as our other excavators, the 75G and 85G’s pinpoint metering delivers unsurpassed smooth-as-silk control. Together with their reduced-tail-swing configurations, they deliver the finesse and footwork to keep jobsite obstacles from becoming barriers.
Two power modes, plus an available control-pattern selector, easily adapt to changing job demands and operator preferences. Plus, their highly fuel-efficient direct-injected diesels meet rigid FT4/Stage IV emission standards and are noticeably quiet, so you can put them to work almost anywhere, any time.

Fit in more productivity.

Neither too big nor too small, these right-size excavators are the perfect solution for a wide variety of tasks. Their reduced-tail-swing configurations provide extra flexibility, enabling them to maneuver nimbly and work efficiently in and around congested conditions. What’s more, the 85G comes equipped with the extra advantage of an independent-swing boom that lets it work even closer to curbs, parallel to structures, or in the midst of traffic. Inside their spacious, comfortable cabs, easy-to-navigate enhanced LCD monitors let operators easily dial-in a wealth of machine info and functionality. Of course, these two meet EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV regulations, so they’re a perfect fit for your equipment fleet for years to come.

  • For work that requires extra finesse, the G-Series’ short-throw low-effort controls, unmatched metering, and smooth multifunction operation give the precision you need.
  • Optional rubber track pads or heavyduty rubber belts let these excavators set up and work on paved surfaces and even cross curbs without doing damage.
  • Why let obstacles dictate the way you work? The 85G’s 360-deg. rotation and independent-swing boom let you get in tight and even dig parallel to structures.
  • Although it won’t replace a grading tractor, the standard blade enables these excavators to fill-in quite capably. Works well for increasing agility and stability on slopes, too.