New Equipment | 724L


Wheel Loaders

Combining near-parallel lift with improved visibility and more bucket and fork options over previous models, these versatile loaders help you do your level best. Lift path on all Z-Bar linkages is now near parallel. Better load-leveling capability compared to K-Series models minimizes load rollback, reduces material spillage, and requires fewer manual adjustments.
An expanded selection of enhanced production buckets with integrated spill guards, curved side cutters, and impressive rollback boosts bucket-fill performance and material retention compared to the K-Series.

Lead the charge.

Our 644L and 724L Loaders lead the way with new front-end features and an all-new cab and controls. Enhancements over previous models include near-parallel lift, a more spacious operator station, ergonomic electrohydraulic (EH) controls, and new bucket and linkage designs. Plus a host of durability details, including streamlined electrical and hydraulic routing, help maximize uptime, for the performance and reliability you need to get out in front of your competition.

  • Running wide open at 1,800 rpm, the in-cab noise rating is just 70 dBA. Noise is also less noticeable to bystanders, making this loader a good neighbor in residential areas.
  • Purpose-built PowerShift™ transmission provides smooth control through four forward speed ranges. Direction changes are performed by the electric motor, completely eliminating shifting in some truck-loading applications.
  • Three constant operator-selected rpms help reduce engine wear, noise levels, and fuel consumption. Boom and bucket functions are powerful, responsive, and quick, without compromising fuel efficiency.
  • Strong pushing power and quick ramp-climbing ability make the 644L Hybrid an excellent choice for maintaining stockpiles and heaping hoppers in cement plants and other production facilities.
  • Hybrid-electric drive recaptures energy when the operator lets off the accelerator, lessening the load on the engine while reducing fuel consumption.