New Equipment | 710L


Backhoe Loaders

Described by some as a cross between a four-wheel-drive loader and an excavator, our top-of-line 710L is one highly productive machine. The EPA IT4/EU Stage IIIB technology is simple, fuel efficient, fully integrated, and fully supported.
The PowerShift™ transmission provides smooth on-the-go clutch-less gear changes. Going from backhoe- to excavator-style controls is as easy as pushing a button, while adjusting hydraulic flow when changing attachments is also push-button easy. In addition, the 710L has the new single-lever loader-control with integrated electrohydraulic, proportional auxiliary control, and comes standard with JDLink™ and Service ADVISOR™ Remote.

Big productivity begins here.

Who wouldn’t be more productive in the spacious cab of a K-Series Backhoe? Its wide expanse of tinted glass provides a virtually unobstructed panoramic view of the work at hand and surrounding jobsite. The enhanced automatic high-velocity climate-control system’s repositioned vents direct air more efficiently to keep the view clear and operator comfortable. We also added more storage space, with more lockable compartments for securing carry-ons. And there’s a new sealedswitch module (SSM) that provides convenient, low effort pushbutton operation of numerous functions including keyless start. More comfort, more convenience, and more efficiency — that’s our K-Series.

  • Choose from pilot, two-lever, threelever, four-lever, or SAE excavatorstyle controls. Smooth response and low effort are yours regardless of which you select.
  • Already run our J-Series Backhoes? Loader and backhoe buckets, as well as numerous other front and rear attachments, are compatible with the K-Series.
  • Described by some as a cross between a four-wheel-drive loader and an excavator, our top-of-line 710K is one highly productive machine.
  • Generous swing-torque, boom, and dipperstick lift capacity empower the K-Series to crane heavy objects. Rearward-angled, box-constructed stabilizers and no-drift cylinders ensure locked-down stability.
  • Curved-knee loader-boom design provides superior reach, enabling the K-Series to easily dump to the center of most trucks. For quick and efficient loading.