New Equipment | 620G/GP


Motor Graders

Our G-Series Graders give you more choice of how work gets done. On our GP models opt for dual-joystick controls or choose state-of-the-art fingertip armrest controls. Or have the best of both worlds — a field kit allows you to easily swap between the two. Our G models offer conventional lever-operated controls. And based on customer feedback, all models still have a steering wheel. The choice is yours.
Uptime isn’t everything. It’s the only thing. Which is why G-Series Graders are loaded with durability-enhancing advantages that help deliver years of trouble-free service. When you know how they’re built, you’ll run these Deere.


Our motor graders have earned a reputation for exceptional control and grading precision without a lot of extra effort. Inspired by thoughts and ideas from you, our customers, our latest G-Series Graders take it to the next level. With more choices, including our Customer Advocate Group-tested dual-joystick controls. Expanded gradecontrol system options. And a smaller, more economical machine, the 620G. Existing models boast even more performance, along with a host of proven features to help you boost productivity and maximize uptime while lowering daily operating costs.

  • Increased engine horsepower, torque, and blade pull produce generous power and lugging ability, to deliver more power to the ground, easily pull through tough spots, or tackle steep hills.
  • G-Series Graders deliver the right amount of power, when you need it. Horsepower and torque are optimized for each gear to maximize performance no matter your application.
  • Redesigned heavy-duty front and rear axles combined with increased maximum operating weights enable more versatility and better blade pull for utilizing jobsite attachments.
  • When engaged, Eco mode reduces engine rpm in gears 1–5, optimizing fuel usage and decreasing operating costs by up to 10 percent.
  • Adding your preferred grade-control system is quick and noninvasive. Grade Pro (GP) models come factory equipped with bulkhead connectors, sensor mounts, electrical wiring harnesses, integrated controls, and universal moldboard-mast mounts. Factory-installed options on GP models now also include Leica as well as Topcon and Trimble.