New Equipment | 444L


Wheel Loaders

The 444L leads the way, with production-boosting features up front, along with a host of other improvements over earlier models that can help increase performance. With new bucket and linkage designs that improve load leveling, material retention, and visibility, the 444L delivers more productivity and performance than the previous model.
New cab is more spacious and comfortable, and features extra legroom, an improved HVAC system, additional storage, and a more adjustable seat than earlier models. Or opt for a premium cab with a larger monitor and heated/ventilated premium seat.

Agility, meet ability.

When your material-handling application needs a bit more finesse, consider adding a John Deere 444L Loader to your lineup. This agile yet highly capable utility loader combines new front-end features including an all-new cab and controls. Enhancements over the previous model include near-parallel lift, a more spacious cab, ergonomic electrohydraulic (EH) controls, and new bucket and linkage designs. Plus streamlined electrical and hydraulic routing and a host of other features help maximize uptime, for the performance, reliability, and comfort you need to stay productive all day long.

  • Lift path on Z-Bar linkage is now near parallel. Better load-leveling capability compared to K-Series models minimizes load rollback, reduces material spillage, and requires fewer manual adjustments.
  • Cross-tube and boom geometry of the Z-Bar linkage has been streamlined to provide a better view to the front attachment.
  • A wide selection of enhanced production buckets with integrated spill guards, curved side cutters, and impressive rollback boosts bucket-fill performance and material retention.
  • Available in 48-, 60-, and 72-inch lengths, improved shaft-style forks enable better visibility to the fork tips compared to previous models.