New Equipment | 345G LC

345G LC


The 345G LC Excavator performs best with its back against the wall. Its reduced-tail-swing design helps you maximize productivity when you’re between a rock and a hard place.
A smaller back end doesn’t mean a cramped workspace. The 345G LC is a reduced-tail-swing machine boasting a full-size cab. Step inside and make yourself at home.


Whether your work is street repair, underground utilities, site development, or landscaping, the 345G LC Excavator will revitalize your operation as you rejuvenate your community. Meeting customer demand for a larger reduced-tail-swing excavator, the 345G LC improves your capability to work in congested areas or around traffic.

  • Three-pump hydraulic system delivers superb hydraulic flow. With one pump dedicated to the swing circuit, hydraulic flow is never compromised — for fast cycle times and smooth multifunction performance.
  • Choose from a variety of arm lengths, buckets, high-flow auxiliary hydraulic packages, and numerous other options. The 345G LC coupler is compatible with the attachments available for the 300G LC, to help maximize fleet utility.
  • Redesigned pistons and new fuel injectors enable the aftertreatment of the powerful 249-hp engine to meet EPA Final Tier 4/EU Stage IV emissions without a diesel particulate filter (DPF). High-efficiency combustion ensures that no fuel is left over, no damaging soot is created, and no components need to be replaced — to minimize maintenance requirements and worries.