Customer Story

Scott Petry

Petry Excavating

Running Deere equipment is in our blood. My grandfather was a Deere mechanic, my dad worked at Deere for a while, and we always ran Deere equipment on the family farm. When I first started the company, West Side Tractor Sales was the only dealership to give me the time of day and set me up for success. It’s just been a great relationship — Deere has supported us 100 percent along the way, and we appreciate what they are and what they stand for.

Moving into the Future Together

When we do business with a dealership, what we really look for is a partner. One with common goals and understanding of what the construction industry is about and how it works. We both need to make a profit with a sustainable future.

I have always felt since West Side Tractor took over the John Deere dealership that they care about Petry Excavating and our future. We can at anytime get ahold of someone from parts and service to management for help or to voice concerns. We have been able to openly talk about their business with concerns from the customer side. They listened and took action which really shows we are in the business together.

When we were asked to build the new dirt track at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, West Side Tractor partnered with us to provide new equipment to complete this project. Not only did it showcase John Deere's excellent line of equipment, but it allowed Petry Excavating to shine on one the biggest stages in Indianapolis. This in turn has opened many doors and created long lasting partnerships that are great for both of us.

As I stated before, I believe West Side Tractor wants to be our long time partner. I have a long time friendship with our salesman Neal Hall. He always has our best interest in mind which creates a partnership of trust and understanding.

It’s the simple things. We are not the largest company in West Side’s customer base, yet they always include us and keep us in the know of what’s happening. That makes us feel special and reaffirm that they are a partner for life. We have been very loyal to the John Deere brand because they have been very loyal to us.