Customer Story

Jim Trost

Gallagher Asphalt

I’ve probably been working with West Side for over 15 years now and they have never let me down—not once in all of that time. I always know, without a doubt, that they will do the right thing to take care of us and be fair with us. I am completely confident in every aspect of our business relationship.

I recall the time when one of our Deere 844 loaders went down.

It’s one of our critical pieces of equipment, and at the time it was feeding aggregate material to our asphalt plant. As soon as I was made aware of the situation, I called Pat Carroll, our West Side Tractor salesman. Incredibly [or “Impressively”], he already knew about the situation and had made arrangements to get another loader in transit to our yard to get us back up and running as quickly as possible. Now that’s a dealer who’s really got your back!

Even after going the extra mile to help us out, they didn’t invoice us for any equipment rental despite there being no written agreement to provide backup machines in the event of downtime.  This is a great example of how West Side always does the right thing to earn our business.

Just like West Side, building relationships is one of Gallagher’s core values.

That might be why we all work so well together. From West Side’s owners all the way through the organization, there is a sense of connection between our two companies and a desire for a win-win relationship on both sides.

After attending a West Side customer event hosted by Pat Carroll and Tom Stern a few years ago, my wife and I were discussing just how much we’d enjoyed their company and what a great time we’d had. There aren’t that many dealer associates I’d want to socialize with for six hours, but that’s West Side—they’re different. They’re not just business associates looking for the next deal, they’re also good friends. If I weren’t already employed by a great company like Gallagher Asphalt, West Side seems like the kind of place I’d want to work.

When we decide to do business with a construction dealership

what we’re looking for is reliability, productivity, the life-cycle of the equipment they represent, and dealer support of that product in various ways—things like finding creative solutions to our short-term equipment needs; recognizing and presenting opportunities for us to be more competitive in the work we do; and prompt responses and resolutions to any urgent issues affecting operation and productivity of the equipment. Ultimately, we chose West Side because they do everything better than any other dealer we’ve worked with. Bottom line: They make us feel like we are their most important customer.